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Why The Whiskey Jack?

In mid-December of 2014 it was decided the team would adopt a logo. The logo we still use today was designed by Simone Brundo. While information on why the Whiskey Jack aka the Gray Jay was chosen isn't available to us the species is well known for being bold and unafraid to approach people. Our team is just as open and accepting so it fits!

Do You Sell Suits?

As our membership grows we have taken to ordering suits once a year with a limited supply of spares available for purchase to paying members. The brand of suit we wear is Turbo or Ryte Sport and is made of PBT Chlorine resistant Polyester. 

Do I need a Water Polo Suit to play?

Not specifically. Most players on the team will recommend a specific brand, but any old suit will do. For longevity some suits do better than others when exposed to chlorine and the roughness of our sport. We recommend using Water Polo suits for games but bring any old suit you're comfortable wearing to practice. When buying a suit be mindful of material, the best suits on the market are made with PBT Polyester, are chlorine fade resistant and hold up for years!

What is your Drop-In Rate?

If you're just checking us out for the first time we invite you to come out for free and see what we're about!


Our current Drop-In rate is only $10 for the 2023 Spring Season.

All funds we collect go to supporting our pool rental fees. If you do want to support us we are happy to accept whatever you're willing to donate. 

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