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Pride Parade

Dancing Group

A late addition to our entry this year will be a choreographed dance routine organized by Michael. Michael is a former member of the Toronto Triggerfish and inquired about borrowing the routine that was used in the 2019 Toronto Pride Parade by the Triggerfish. 

If you're interested in joining the choreographed component of our entry please reach out to Michael on Facebook. 

What do I wear to the Parade?


Wear what makes you most comfortable in public. We encourage folks to dress in team attire (swimwear, team T-shirts) but at the very least wear blue!

Do I have to Dance?

You do not need to dance if you don't want to! You are welcome to simply walk and enjoy yourself. We also have room for folks to helpout as wheel guards and carry banners. 

If you're a part of English Bay Swim you don't have to follow our guidelines for attire. EBSC is invited to march with us and self organize so please talk to Jason if you have concerns. 

I'm with EBSC do your rules apply?
What are we dancing to?

We don't have a playlist this year. Instead, the car will be playing

Sigala - Came Here For Love on repeat to support the dancers. You may bring headphones to listen to your own music if you'd prefer. 

Will we hand out anything?

No, unfortunately we blew the budget this year on decorations. In years past we handed out packaged candy as part of the GVAA group. 

Who gets fans?

We have purchased 30 fans for individuals participating in the choreographed dance routine. If you'd like to keep your fan we're parting with them at cost for $3.50 a piece.

This is a public event where media and photographers will be present. We also hope to document ourselves along the route an encourage you to tell your friends in the audience to share their pics!

Will there be photography?
I want to do my own thing, can I?

Our team is aiming to be as inclusive as possible in and out of the pool. If there is something unique you'd like to do as part of the Parade please let us know in advance and we'll work with you. 

Michael has put together a Choreography-specific FAQ for the dancing unit on Facebook. Check it out and reach out to him directly for more information. 

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