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2023 WhiskeyJacks Pride Parade Entry

We're back! 2023 will be the first year the WhiskeyJacks host their very own parade entry and we're excited to see it come together. For many years we've marched alongside other teams on the route but we've since grown as a team and want to make a splash in 2023. This year we have an EV vehicle entry that'll act as a lite "float" for our team and blast music and bubbles for all to enjoy.


Check out our early Pride 2023 Concepts, and more information about our current approach by following the links below. 


We were informed in late Spring 2023 that the Vancouver Pride Society will be relocating the Parade route out of the historic West End route and down Pacific St. to the Concord Pacific grounds.


The Parade starts at 12 PM August 6th and ends at 3 PM. On average the old route would take about 1 hour to traverse for entrants we anticipate this will take slightly longer. 

We'll be carrying water, and sunscreens in our vehicle entry as well as personal belongings for marchers joining us along the route. 

Going Big

Our plan this year includes a giant Water Polo Ball secured atop a Blue Tesla Model 3! Originally designed to be much smaller in scale (see 2023 Concepts Powerpoint) we decided to blow up our inflatable a bit more and get the most out of our entry. 

This allows us to scrap the idea of carrying a traditional vinyl banner for our team and instead let our members focus on dancing and enjoying themselves. 

More To Come

And we're not done yet! As we near the date of the Parade, we still have a lot more to do to get ready. Parade Fringe, decals and more have yet to be acquired for our entry but there's uncertainty regarding their inclusion. The Vancouver Pride Society is making a push to be environmentally friendly for 2024 as they are acting as the host city for "Canada Pride". This initiative means the use of plastics (reusable or not) may be frowned upon or outright banned in future events. 

Thankfully we're one step ahead in our planning and thought to make our entry as environmentally friendly as possible. In early concepts, we discussed the use of Mica Glitter (mineral-based) over the use of traditional plastic glitters which are harmful to ocean ecosystems and just painful to try and clean up anyway. The use of tissue paper in place of plastics may prove effective for decorating the vehicle. 


Still in the plans would be the use of a bubble machine, or bubble guns along the parade route. Dance choreography, and the potential to carry a jumbo-sized rainbow flag down the Parade route.


The WhiskeyJacks have extended an invitation to the English Bay Swim Club to join our entry this year. Members of EBSC will be marching alongside us this year, details of their own plans are still coming together. 

There's yet an opportunity for us to get a sponsor for our float entry to help bring down overall costs to us which is currently costing us about $500 for 2023 total. Sponsorship would include us carrying a banner featuring our sponsor in this year's Parade.  

"Scooter" a bubble blasting makeover for an EV Scooter featuring a giant seahorse
2019 Scooter Concept
2019 "Make a Splash" Costumes featuring feathers and rhine stones to imitate movement in water
2019 Bike SeaHorse Concept
Great Wave Concept is a moving canopy using light weight fabric and balloons

Scraps and Ideas

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