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2023 Pride Parade Working Group

As mentioned in the April 19th Mailer I am looking to put together a working group of folks interested in participating or contributing to the Vancouver Pride Parade entry for the WhiskeyJacks.

In December of last year, I polled the group via Facebook Messenger to see who thought we should move forward with an entry for the team. The response was largely divided with low interest in participation, and a split on whether the team should even participate. Due to the mixed response in interest, I paid for the entry myself. Any further design costs will be managed the same way we handle tournament participation, by individual participation. Basically, you pay for your own outfits, etc but we come together as a social group and craft together.

You can review the details of the planning so far by clicking the link below.

For the entry itself we were approved for up to 24 marchers and EV vehicle entry. See the Tesla concept on slide 6 in the presentation for reference. We can add additional marchers if our group needs it. Erin and Steve were game for Parade participation early on when I launched the Poll but if you think you'd like to March or be a part of the working group let me know in the polls below.

As part of the working group you'd be contributing your ideas and abilities to develop a consistent theme/look for the entry. I'm hoping to host social gatherings as we get closer to the Parade to help craft up team outfits/costumes if we deem them necessary including just screen printing custom shirts, tanks or crop-tops.

For Pride Parade participation you'd be showing up on Sunday, August 6th, and walking alongside our float in the 2023 Vancouver Pride Parade. The Parade takes about 1 hr to walk fully with the Parade starting at 12 pm and the final float reaching the end of the route at 3 pm. Water and sunscreen would be provided and we'll be playing music from the car.

For the Working Group, you'd join the forum and email exchange and later on be invited to Parade specific social gatherings and craft parties. You'd be contributing time to help develop ideas to make our entry stand out and then lending some time, later on closer to the event, to help make those ideas a reality. The scope of that participation will vary depending on how big or small we want to go.

**I had initially planned to have the Pride Suit design only available to participants in this effort as a thank-you reward for the effort. That's since been opened up to the team as a whole. I will continue to develop something unique for those getting involved.

Please note you will need to create an account to answer these polls. This allows me to actually know who wants to be involved. Alternatively, you can message me directly via Facebook or email at

Will you march in the Pride Parade?

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Would you like to be in Parade the working group?

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