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Insurance & Summer Membership

Water Polo West and Water Polo Canada Insurance are mandatory for member participation. We currently have 22 registered members and will be following up with those participating each week that have yet to join and are no longer in the 21-day grace period. There are different rates for Competitive and Community level participation. If you do not plan on competing in tournaments this year please register for the more affordable Community Level rate.

Registration Link

Please Follow The Steps Below To Register

Step 1: Login and choose Register as a Participant - If you did not register last year choose “Don't have an account? Create one Here.” Step 2: If you registered last year, your name should be in the drop-down of “Choose Family Member to Register” If you had not registered before, choose “Add a Family Member” and add yourself. Step 3: Choose a division! - Competitive Division then choose Vancouver Whiskeyjacks Water Polo (for those not planning on attending a tournament, there should be a choice for “community” instead of “competitive” It is a less expensive option. Step 4: Sign your name a dozen times on the next page. We are NOT members of the National Team, so choose no for those questions. Step 5: Pay - When you submit, you should be taken to a page to pay two separate fees, one for $60 and one for $75.22. You must pay for both. For the Community level, the rates are $12 and $40.53.

Summer Membership Rates and Schedule Changes

We currently only have 12 members paying their dues as of this week. This a reminder that we afford pool time based on our membership fees and are looking at increasing the Summer schedule of April 4th - May 28th with time at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre in June.

For those still needing to pay membership for our Summer season, we're asking you to hold off until we finalize our pool time as there will be adjustments made to the rate. Members who have already paid the $60 for the April - May pool time at Kerrisdale will be asked to pay the difference upon the final tally.

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