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Summer Socials

Summer is soon upon us and we're looking to come up with ideas for out-of-practice meetups. Past events have been varied with the team hosting rooftop patios socials, a cycle and ice cream tour, and T-dances at the Junction. These events are usually member organized and thus your input is paramount!

Low Cost and Local Activities:


Day Hikes (Sea Wall, Queen E, etc)

Nature Walks (Pacific Spirit, Reifel Bird Sanctuary, Lighthouse Park)

Beach BBQs

Bike Tours (Steveston, and various Ice Cream and Dairy Queen Locations)

Community Events:

Bingo for Life

Member Hosted:


Craft 'n' Create Social

Team Fundraiser Events:

T-dances @ Junction Pub with 50/50 Raffle

We try to keep these events low-cost and central so the barrier to participating and organizing is low. The goal is to get to know your teammates with their clothes on, socialize and make connections. Please fill out the survey above to help us plan ahead!

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