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Turbo 2023 Order

Updated: Apr 19

* There is still time to add to this order yet as Turbo went on an Easter Holiday and has yet to invoice me. If you have additional items, towels, or suits you'd like to add to the order please let me know asap.

Hey Folks,

Due to some design hiccups, we moved forward on the Turbo '23 order without the Hoodie design. Back to the drawing board for that and hopefully we'll be able to tackle it again in the near future. Until then we're moving on with the order so those who need suits get them asap.

The Turbo 2023 Order is in but there's still time yet to get involved and submit any changes or add to the order. We're waiting on a few design approvals for the custom Parade Slip I'm working on and until I am invoiced and pay for the order changes can be made. Please reach out ASAP or reply to this news post if you have any questions or changes you'd like made. *Please note the Parade Slip at the end of this image gallery below was intended as a proof of concept. The Parade Slip and all other Team Pride designs this year are intended for use in the Vancouver Pride Parade 2023 on August 6th. If you would like to get the Parade Slip in this order and plan to be part of our Parade Entry please reach out. Please review the size chart below to confirm your order.

Mens Size Chart

Womens Size Chart

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