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Turbo Suit Order Dec - 2022

Updated: Feb 15

*Edit Update 2/15/2023 - The Turbo Order has arrived! I'll be organizing the order tonight and contacting individuals regarding their orders this week.

*Edit Update 2/12/2023 - The Turbo Order has been shipped and is expected to arrive on Thursday, February 16th before 5 pm. I do have work on Thursday at 1 pm and may not be home to receive the shipment. In the event that I am present and able to receive the order prior to my work, I will be bringing orders for members attending the University of Washington Tournament this weekend with me. Those individuals will be able to have someone pick up their order for them to bring to the games, or pick it up themselves at 939 Hornby - Topdrawers Apparel. For all other orders, I will be bringing the suits to practice on Tuesday, February 21st.

As we near in on the upcoming events and tournaments I understand those involved in ordering a custom suit have questions as to the status of the order and its arrival date.

Sadly, it has yet to be shipped as per information from Turbo this morning. I have also been informed of yet another delay this time in regard to the production of a custom boxer that had been placed in the order. Previously on January 8th, the delay was for a women's suit design and we had an estimated shipping week of the 23rd of January.

In the past few days, I have taken steps to create an account from which I hoped our order could be monitored without involving our Canadian Representative, Albert. For those unaware, individuals can create accounts via TurboSwim and order attire and custom suits. Via their website, you can input order information and track the status of your order. I myself wasn't aware of this until someone pointed it out and I looked into it. My hope in creating an account would be that the team could check the status of the order without bothering our representative for weekly updates.

Unfortunately, for us and our representative that can't be done. I apologize as I understand that I had said the order turnaround was 4-6 weeks and it seems we are now beyond that scope. Largely this falls on when we placed the order, before the holiday break, and some miscommunication in design elements for some of the suits which resulted in printing delays.

My hope now is that the suits can arrive within the next 3 weeks, ideally before our Saturday, February 25th practice. I will continue to keep everyone up-to-date as information becomes available.

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