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To play our team members must register for insurance with both Water Polo West and Water Polo Canada. Our team insurance covers your first 21 days with the team and only covers ages 18+. New and Returning members will need to renew their insurance annually with the coverage period extending from September 1 to August 31 of the following year.

How To Register For Insurance

Step 1: Login and choose Register as a Participant  -  If you did not register last year choose “Don't have an account? Create one Here.” Step 2: If you registered last year, your name should be in the drop-down of “Choose Family Member to Register” If you had not registered before, choose “Add a Family Member” and add yourself. Step 3: Click the WhiskeyJacks $0 package and choose a division: Competitive Division if you will play in local or away tournaments, or Community for those not planning on attending a tournament (Community does allow you to attend scrimmages with other clubs). Step 4: Sign your name a dozen times on the next page. We are NOT members of the National Team, so choose no for those questions. Step 5: Pay - When you submit, you should be taken to a page to pay two separate fees, one for $71.24 and one for $75.59.  You must pay for both, plus the $2.50 administrative fee.

Community Level

2023-2024 Rates

Water Polo Canada  $15.38

Water Polo West      $39.54

Administrative Fee  $1.19

As a community level member you're unable to register to compete in tournaments. This is a great entry level registration for new and recreational players who plan to regularly come to practices. Should you decide to compete at a later time you will only be required to pay the cost difference for registration. 

Competitive Level

2023-2024 Rates

Water Polo Canada  $71.24

Water Polo West      $73.39

Administrative Fee  $2.20

If you plan to compete with us at tournaments you're required to register with competitive level insurance.  

For international and out of province coverage there is a $3.50 a day fee option available. 



Water Polo Canada, officially the Canadian Water Polo Association Inc., is the governing body of the sport of water polo in Canada and is a member of the World aquatics or. Water Polo Canada controls all water polo in the country and is responsible for hosting national championships and fielding national teams.


Water Polo West was founded in late 2018, and was recognized as British Columbia's official Provincial Sports Organization for water polo in on January 29, 2019 by Water Polo Canada.  Membership in Water Polo West works directly with clubs across BC. ​


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