Want to be a Whiskey Jack?

What does it take?

Just be yourself and respect others that's all we ask! Our practices are currently run every Tuesday at Kerrisdale Pool, Vancouver. This pool is run by the Vancouver Parks Board. These weekly meets are entirely optional so our turnouts currently fluctuate in size. We welcome new players on a weekly basis and do not currently have intake restrictions. 

Even if you don't know the sport or just want to get back into it we'll take the time to welcome you to the team and help you learn along with us as we build our club! We welcome all levels of skill and value every player as an integral part of our team. 



Member Funded

It's important to know that our team runs practices and rents pool time entirely from our Membership fees every 4 months. With enough support we can rent more pool time, pay for entry into games and help make our club more inclusive to those who need our support to be a member. 

Membership Dues have gone down since last year from $150 to $120 per season. The decision to reduce rates was entirely based on the continued increase in interest in our sport and players committing to memberships. Do note that Membership Dues are paid once per season (Spring, Summer, Fall).  If you are a registered student we do offer 50% reduced membership rates.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding pricing please reach out we are happy to discuss and are here to help you feel welcome!


An Annual Fee Renewed Every September

New and Returning members will need to renew their insurance through Pacific West Water Polo starting this season. This annual $60 fee will provide you coverage through to September 2020.

We are currently experiencing delays in this process and will be providing information to do this soon!


Equipment & Suit

Before you get wet you'll want to make sure you're wearing the right attire for our practices.

At the start of every practice we do laps, skills and technique training. You may want a swim cap and goggles for laps and skills, but know that any ball work requires googles to be set aside. 

For Scrimmage we supply the balls and head gear! As a member you can borrow equipment for the week by talking to one of the Team Leads.

For practice wear whats comfortable but be mindful of drag and loose material in scrimmages. You'll also want to cut your nails before each practice as injury can and has occurred due to the contact nature of our sport.