All Levels. All Genders. All Bodies. All Inclusive.


We Are The Whiskey Jacks!

The English Bay Water Polo Club of fame and glory is back! In 2014 the club reformed under a new name, the Whiskey Jacks Water Polo Club. We are an all inclusive club welcoming people of all skill levels, ages, sexual orientations, and beyond. Our team has everything from beginners to  nationally experienced competitors, and we welcome members committed to other teams to join us and share our passion for Water Polo.


Dive in Weekly!

Whiskey Jacks and COVID-19

Unfortunately due to restrictions around COVID-19 and for the safety of our team, we are not currently accepting new members to the English Bay Whiskey Jacks Water Polo Club.

We very much hope that this is only temporary. As restrictions ease, this page will be updated to provide more information about practice schedules and opportunities for drop ins!

Until then, stay safe and healthy! We'll see you in the pool soon.